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Privacy Policy for Tech Smart Share

Last Updated 15/01/2020

Hello friends, whatever information I share on my website and what information you will get from here, you will know from our website Tech Smart Share's privcy policy.

What do i post on my website

  • How to do a part Time Job.
  • How to do business with internet.
  • How to make income from internet.
  • computer knowledge.
  • How to make mobile applications.
  • Apps and Softwares Information.
  • Technical And Gaming Help.

How can you give me the right idea

  • Friends, if you find any problem in our post, then you can tell us by commenting.
  • Friends, if you have any idea to make good from our post or to make our website even better, then you can tell us through contact page.

What can you do on Tech Smart Share website? and What no ?

  • You should not misuse our website.
  • You can share our post to anyone, but you cannot spread the misinterpretation and ridicule of that post.
  • You cannot comment incorrectly in the comment box.
  • You cannot share any third party link without asking us,Yes, but can share if needed.


Cookies are a very small file which is saved in our mobile or computer in storage from our browsers.
We use cookies on our website to create a good experience of visitors and to make our website good. This does not cause any problem in our mobile or computer, you can turn it off if you want.

Thrid Party Link

You do not share the third party link on our website without our permission, but if you need, you can share the third party link.
If you share the third party link on our website without our permission, then your comment will not be approved, if you do this again and again, then what can be done to block you.

Change Privcy Policy 

We have every right to change the privcy policy of our website Tech Smart Share. Whenever we change the privacy policy of our website, you will get to know through the notification on our website and you have subscribed to us through email, then we will also send a mail to you.

All Right Reserved

We have every right to block you on our website. We have the right to block, comment Disapprove, delete and Complain on the wrong activity on our website.So you should not do any wrong activity on our website. Thank you for reading our privcy policy.

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